Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joy to the World - School Projects

So raise your hand if your child has a project due at school and you're trying to start thinking about the holidays...yep, timing really is everything. The essay, "Four Words to Ruin the Day" is basically my frustration over projects. First the disclaimer, I am all for education. Whew, now that I have that covered, here are a few holiday time project suggestions, and I'd love for each of you to add your own suggestions:

1 - Your child should demonstrate problem solving - have your child determine what your mother-in-law REALLY wants for Christmas.
2 - Your child should demonstrate creativity - have your child come up with a decent present for his/her mother. Points will be deducted if it has to be plugged in (unless a smart phone or MP3).
3 - Your child should demonstrate patterns and colors - have your child decorate the whole house in one day while singing carols...without developing new vocabulary...you know the words your husband uses when stringing the lights.
4 - Your child should demonstrate organizational skills - have your child arrange family holiday visits across three states and several blended families. Anything less than ten complaints will receive a grade of A+.

Any others - just looking to help out the school system here...So what helpful holiday projects would you like to see assigned this season?


  1. hmmmm I'd love for the altruistic behaviors to be honed by them making decisions about all the cra....uhhh no longer needed items piled in the formal living room (where the Christmas tree goes) sorted, packed up and delivered to the appropriate organizations and people before Thanksgiving earns an A+. Seeing as both of mine are in college I will even give 3 hours of credit towards a Humanities course :)

  2. What a great idea! I also have a ton of cra...uhh no longer needed items that could use that treatment. Definitely an A+ or credit hours!

  3. You two are so funny - I love this blog!


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