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New Fall Television
Evelyn Cooper

We've watched some of the new shows (not all - we do have a life) and I thought I would share a few thoughts on some of them. Feel free to let us know if you've seen something that has potential or something that you hated!

Revolution - NBC , Mondays, 10 PM - If you're a fan of "Hunger Games", it has a taste of that. A girl who can shoot an arrow through an apple, a world order unlike ours, the premise is that all electricity and electronics are no longer functioning. With the loss of electricity, the world plunged into chaos. The teenagers and I are watching. It's not as drop your jaw as "Lost" but we like it. NBC has the prior shows online so you can still catch up.

Elementary - CBS, Thursdays, 9 PM - We're detective show fans here and both the teenagers like Sherlock Holmes so this is a no-brainer for us to try. So far, so good. The mysteries are a little difficult to decipher, and the cast is stellar (Jonny Lee Miller, Aidan Quinn, Lucy Liu). Another one I'm watching with my teenagers and we're enjoying. CBS also has the prior shows online.

Vegas - CBS, Tuesdays, 10 PM - Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis - right away I'm intrigued and I've not been disappointed. The characters need a touch more complexity, but the acting is wonderful and you can see the future is bright while Vegas becomes lit up by neon. Another one to watch and you can catch up online.

Any new shows that you love or hate? Share your comments!

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