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4GABY: Grits, a Brit and a Yank, an online blog by women, was created by a group of four friends who all have an interest in writing, in mothering, in aging, and in supporting each other and other women.

The two Grits (Girls Raised In The South) are Mary and Evelyn. Lifelong friends they share a sense of the irreverent, a love of music, and the constant prayer that no one can hear Evelyn sing.

In addition to being a writer, and holding a full-time position outside the home, Mary is also a singer/songwriter with a CD out, and is raising a teen daughter and a preschool son. The combination of the two would drive her hair white except she has a legitimate claim to the blonde so the white isn't noticeable. 

Evelyn does her family's taxes and watches her two teen sons rise head and shoulders above her. She juggles the sandwich role with elderly parents, does volunteer work and wonders if that's what they mean by a carb free diet. 

The Brit is Dawn. She is a gourmet cook, and a talented writer who will share the twists and turns of a Brit in the South of the United States, all presented with a lovely sense of humor. Dawn has two children, one boy, and one girl and many stories will arise from her adventures both with her family and with life in general.

Sheilah is the Yank though she has a claim to many areas of the United States and can do it all with the most wonderful turn of a phrase while raising her son, and worshipping at the altars of such writers as David Sedaris.

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