Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Get a Cheap Workout

By Mary Alford-Carman

When I wrote “Packaging With Care,” I couldn’t help but think about shopping in general, and shopping at the grocery store has convinced me that I don’t need to join a gym. I have a very active lifestyle, thank you very much, because I shop at the Superstores for groceries, and it’s a workout tried and true. Think of it, rolling the cart, lifting and bending and putting items into the cart, taking them out to put them on the cashier’s conveyer belt, picking them up and depositing them into the cart and then rolling the cart to the car. Yet we’re still not done.

Now it’s time to put them in the car, drive them home, take them out of the car into the house, and, finally, take them out of the bags and lift, bend and twist to put them up. Workout complete.

Does anybody else find that shopping for groceries is the major workout of the week?

How do you handle it with coupons, children, long lines and the time it takes to get it done without stressing?

What is your least favorite part of shopping in your household?

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