Friday, November 5, 2010

Listless and Free

My latest column talked about the sabbatical my chronic list-making took ("The Surprising Sabbatical of My Lists"). The new routine of no-routine in summer caught me with my list down, and I reveled in it. The gift of a gift card also had its way with me, so my normal grocery list got thrown out the window. Along with my son out of school for summer, I also started a job that required I be gone half the time, which took up so much mental space that I forgot to list make (although I probably needed it more). Things were left undone, but I didn’t mind. Freedom from the list, listless, we enjoyed our free time.

Did summer stymie your to-do lists, or did they change in nature?
What was on your beach reading list? Really.
If you went from SAHM to working Mom, did your lists change?
Or, alternately, if you went from working Mom to SAHM, did they change?
What was on your summer vacation list?
Do your children make lists?
What in the world of Target would be on your list if you received a gift card?

On a completely random note, what do you think of the new ruling that 4-year-olds can now be sued, the little criminals?

1 comment:

  1. Honestly? What would I do with a Target gift card? How much money do I get because it would be music, music, music, iTunes cards, and books.
    Books for me, for the kids and for my friends.
    It would have to be a huge gift card to satisfy my wants!


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