Friday, October 29, 2010

It’s the Great Pumpkin, or is It?

By Mary Alford-Carman

It’s Halloween. There. I’ve said it. It’s not Harvest Time, Fall Festival, Fall Ball Time or anything else. It’s Halloween, for the love of too much candy and carved-out pumpkins. I don’t know who we think we are fooling. At my daughter’s middle school they have conveniently called this week “Spirit” week to show their support of their school. I find it a little odd it was held the same time last year and just like last year the kids were allowed to dress up. On Monday it was dress tacky day. Tuesday was retro day, and Wednesday and Thursday had their own themes for dress as well. Even our town council had to mandate that Halloween would be held on its true date which falls on a Sunday, and it created quite the controversy. Years ago, when my daughter was little, the same thing happened and the council decided to celebrate Halloween the evening before, on the 30th and not the 31st. People were so confused as to when to Trick or Treat that the numbers who went were so low the merchants complained, and households were stuck with enough candy to feed a small army.

The origin of Halloween was to honor the dead, mark the end of summer and, in some cultures, celebrations were held. The next day was spent in church, hence All Souls Day in observance of the saints. What on earth is so controversial about that? I realize some religions do not participate in Halloween, and I’m fine with that, but isn’t it an insult to their intelligence (and others) to cover it up by calling it something else and being politically correct? Why all this fuss over what many children find to be a joyful tradition?

What do you think? As for me…I say BOO!


  1. I'm in complete agreement. Dylan's school can have only 2 official parties, Winter and Valentine's, until somebody boycotts them. Today I'm bringing in cupcakes for "the holiday on Sunday", but I'm not allowed to say what they're think the kids will figure it out? I'm hoping to find some that say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" on them.
    It's probably not okay to call it a pumpkin anymore--I'm thinking "gourd" is more pc. And maybe Jill-o-Lantern will do.

  2. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!! :::gasp::: I just do NOT get the whole thing of towns dictating that trick or treating should be on Saturday this year. One nearby town official (was he yours, Mary?) said that everyone has to get up and go to school/work on Monday and needs a quiet night..ohmygoshhhhhh!!!! Why isn't it always held on Friday or Saturday then??? BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS October 31st!!! okay deep breathe, all is good, I 'm going to go eat some candy.

  3. If the town officials are so concerned with children getting a good nights rest, why is Halloween allowed to be held on "other" regular school nights? I remember as a child we just went with the flow. We knew who did and did not participate in Halloween and no one minded. It was what it was. Continue to breathe deep Bev, I'm sure something else will come up to amaze us, and as for the Jill-o-Latern, I'm sure Jack will be somewhere near by!

  4. Hmph, our neighborhood decreed Saturday night. Now who wants to bet that we also get hit Sunday night? Too bad we ate all of it...

  5. And there you have the problem. People are confused. Which night do they "witch out."
    In the city just northeast to us they have banned Halloween in certain neighborhoods, while the rest of the city goes willy-nilly on Halloween. Life is messy. I understand the concept that you can't please all of the people all of the time, but's Halloween and I'm ready to dress my children. Some things should just be that simple.


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