Friday, April 22, 2011

We Need To Help......

Last Saturday was the first time I have experienced the effects of extreme weather. Coming from the UK, the worst I can ever remember occurring was back in 1987. Winds tore with unusual ferocitiy, throughout the land, bringing down six of the seven ancient oak trees in a town called Sevenoaks and closing a major bridge between England and Wales. Thousands of homes were without power but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared this Brit for last weekend in North Carolina. I can honestly say that I was scared to my bones.

Somewhere deep inside this maternal core, whilst watching a movie with my children, an alarm bell went off. My concentration had been disrupted by the wind outside. It seemed to come in waves, blowing powerfully one minute, and eerily quiet the next. Much to the dismay of my kids, I told them to turn to the local weather station, and there before me was the news. One huge tornado had ripped through Raleigh and another was aiming for Smithfield as we watched. We were like sitting ducks. Our town, Clayton, was literally in the middle of the two paths. I quickly moved blankets, torches and chips (yes chips and don’t ask me why because I don’t know) into the internal bathroom, scooped up my temporarily wheelchair bound daughter from the sofa and pushed my son head first into the room. It was panic; I was new to this tornado preparation stuff. We sat waiting but nothing happened, luckily we were safe, but my heart is still heavy. Many people lost their lives and loved ones that day, homes were destroyed, and possessions chewed up like pieces of candy. Amazing stories of survival are all around. Today, for instance, I listened to a news broadcast about a group of people who were stuck in a church after celebrating a child’s first birthday. They had remained to clear up and did not realize what was about to happen. Miraculously, the only part of the church left untouched was the corridor in which they were huddled. Now to me that is divine intervention!  

The question remains though, what can we do to help? It seems only a few weeks ago I was writing about the earthquake in Japan, asking for your prayers and aid where possible. Ironically, here I am this time in North Carolina, again asking you to do the same. I know many people who have volunteered to go and help with the clean up, but the people need so much more. I urge you to go onto the local news channels and seek out ways to donate and help. There are families out there that have lost everything, including loved ones; they need to know the community is behind them. On Sunday, whilst we celebrate Easter, please don’t forget to say a prayer for the victims of this local disaster, I know I will be.

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  1. I was on a charter bus full of 7th graders traveling through NC during these horrific storms. Normally I'm awful at geography...but I do know the state of NC so I was frantically surfing the smartphone deciding if our path would take us into danger (I was also the NC native on a bus full of South Carolinians who did not know what county we were in or where the counties under the warning were located in). We were so blessed to miss the storms completely, but since then I have heard of several childhood friends who lost trees, sections of their homes, or the entire home. Still I feel blessed that none of them were injured. But prayers, and donations are always needed to help them recover. It is what should be expected of those of us who were blessed...because one day we may need it in return. Thank you for your lovely words, and I am so glad that your family came through it safely.


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