Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Older Moms Unite...We're Groovy

When the four of us who make up 4gaby.com came together as friends, we also realized that we were comrades in arms. We're moms, but we also remember disco (some of us more fondly than others of us, though I would love to fit into those satin pants one more time...just ain't gonna happen). So we're a little older (sometimes a lot older) than the moms of our children's friends. It's made motherhood an interesting journey and we hope our journey may help and interest others along the way. Mary's column this month addresses some of what she has faced (Selfishly Enjoying the Ride) and we found another comrade in arms in our fellow writer, Angel La Liberte. Angel is launching a wonderful new site, A Child After 40,  which promises to be so exciting for all of us who are looking for a community of friends and fellowship. We invite you to join us in making this a success and a wonderful addition to our community. Let's get our groove on!


  1. When I first went on www.flowerpowermom.com I was happily surprised by all the info there on Moms over 40. Having had a child at 48 I felt very alone in my own unique "mommydom." As it is, I started "later" than most of my peers by having my first child at age 38. It's wonderful to have a resource close at hand, where you don't feel so alone in the journey. Thanks for posting this Evelyn...and I'd at least love to see a photo of you in those disco pants!

  2. It is sad to be old enough to be your Nanny's mother...

  3. Flowerpowermom.com is great for us mothers over 40. One thing I always think is that with age come wisdom, so I consider myself not only a great but wise mother! I wouldn't mind being old enough to be my Nanny's mother because that would mean I would have a nanny!

    Evelyn, my kids love it that I know the 'old' songs they discover on Youtube. This week it was American Pie. FANTASTIC!!!

  4. I had my two at almost 40, when people ask why they are so "good" I always respond, I aged the eggs!

    My first friend from first grade had her second child, at 50! He has a 28 year old sister!

  5. Dawn - it amuses me that my sons listen to the Rolling Stones constantly, and I'm the one who listens to Pink, Florence and the Machine, Fall Out Boy, etc. But at least I can tell them who sang that song they like (Pink Floyd is a "new" favorite). Farmer's Daughter - I am stealing that line about aging your eggs (with your permission, of course). That is just the best line! I was 36, and almost 38 with my two. There are more of us older moms (like your friend) than the world seems to realize or recognize). I think A Child After 40 will be a huge hit. To I'm So Fancy - first I just love your name! Secondly, my reality hits every time I realize that I could be the mother of our sons school teachers. I could tell them about the 1960's because I was there. Which brings me to Mary - NO! No pictures of me in the satin disco pants exist...I sincerely hope!


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