Friday, April 15, 2011

My Royal Indulgence

By Mary Alford-Carman

The closest I ever came to Royalty was in my Mother's womb. When she was expecting me, my Mama and Daddy were in Canada at the opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. (I'm not mentioning the year; you can Google it at your own risk!) They stayed at the same hotel where Queen Elizabeth II was and Mama was lucky enough to be in the lobby when The Queen entered. I used to love hearing that story. The Queen stopped when she saw my Mama (huge with me) and gave Mama time to snap a photo. I figure I come by my love of all things English honestly, having been so influenced in the womb. With that, I have to admit, "My name is Mary and I am an Anglophile."

With the wedding of Will and Kate coming up this month, I'm beside myself with happy anticipation of the event. I have the morning planned. I'll be up before the crack of dawn with the TV. Not only will I be watching the event, but while I'm watching I'll be recording it. Knowing my girlfriend Evelyn like I do, we'll both be on and off the phone with each other during the ceremony and after, loving every moment of it.

My book collection has a large section of all things English. The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth, A History of the Monarchs of England, and then the lite reads like The Other Boleyn Sister, along with every magazine that had Diana on the cover, just to name a few. I watched Princess Anne's wedding, Charles and Diana's, Fergie and Andrews, Prince Edward's and what little was shown of Charles and Camilla's. These types of events are the ultimate escape from Mommydom and the recession. During the depression, the golden set of Hollywood and the outrageous gilded movies were the ultimate, elevating the dreariness of the day to day grind and in many cases despair. While I'm lucky to have a roof over my head and all of the things our family needs, it's still been a penny-pinching time, especially with the rising price of gas. Why not enjoy the wedding? I know it's frivolous. I know it will never be my reality, but for a little while I can pretend to be a guest at the most fabulous of weddings before I have to go and clip more coupons. In my mind, what's not to like?


  1. It must run in the family, Mary. I am obsessed with all things royal. I can't wait to watch Will & Kate get married. If it wasn't so early in the morning, I'd have a party.

  2. I might just pull out my tea set. You are welcome to join!

  3. Tea - Did you mention tea? I can bring some cucumber sandwiches!!

    Love the blog and of course, being English, I am almost "peeing my pants" with anticipation. My father has to have a surgical procedure on his back the day before and my mother is insisting that if he has to stay in hospital she is not visiting him until it is all over -- 55 years of marriage is nothing when compared to a right Royal event!

  4. No, I am just not that into you, royal family. Sorry. And whatintheheck is the clotted tea thing? OMG in England I was stumped.
    But if you mention St. Lawrence anything, I'm hooked. You know both my parents' families are from up there on the St.Lawrence, and Uncle Bob worked on the locks at the seaway. Very cool. We could see across to Canada from another uncle's backyard. So that, I'm into. Great pic! Have plenty of good Canuck stories.


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