Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Please Don’t Offer Me a Job—I Can’t Afford It

In my February column, “I Want a New Job, but First I Need New Clothes, Hair and Makeup,” I list the many things that I felt I had to buy for a big job interview. (I’ll detail the interview results in March—quite laughable). I shocked myself by the tally: over $450 spent to try to put my best foot/face/body forward.

Does it really cost money to make money? Does it really cost that much to look good? Is that what’s meant by putting your money to work for you? No, I think not.

What I like about my current job is the lack of dress code—I get to wear jeans every day. That’s the perk for working off hours in a place where clients do not visit. I call it the coal mines, but I relish that part. No one to impress with your overpriced dress. You get to feel just yourself.

In thinking of a job change, that’s the one part I’d hate to give up. I hated walking into an office building for the interview where everyone had on business casual, heels, and looked so put together. I am never put together, and I’m comfortable that way. My hair won’t behave, so I let it be. My jeans fringe and have paint on them, my makeup disappears before the day does, and my back rejects heels. I am comfortable in my own skin, but not in $450 worth of newness. I tug and pull and walk weirdly and check my makeup. For some, that’s their natural state; they feel more themselves all pulled together. For me, not so much. I guess I’m a coal mine kind of girl, and it probably shows.

What have you done for a job interview?


  1. If boots have heels, I can wear them...something about the ankle support, but put me in a pair of heels and a skirt and I feel like Poseidon in dry dock. I bought a lovely pair of heels for an interview and it wasn't pretty. I just remember trying to walk up the stairs where the interview was being held and praying that I made it up without twisting an ankle...I made it. The way down (thank goodness I was alone) I did one of those "funky try-to-catch-your-balance-moves" and broke the heel off the shoe. Never again. Slacks and boots. No heels.

  2. Ah, interviews. My favorite question(ages ago) was when I was asked if my child was sick, would I leave work. I thought, well since he's 1, it's not like I can call him a cab, tell him to take a couple of aspirin and call me if he needs me. For the record I didn't get that job. And I was greatly relieved...and pissed. The man they hired...he was fired...maybe they shoulda gone with the mommy, huh?
    There's nothing like the fun of an interview...


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