Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the Beat Goes On by Mary Alford-Carman

So my thirteen-year-old daughter and I were tripping the light fantastic down the highway, and she had been given control of the music for the drive. Can you say time for an awkward moment? A new song comes on, you can’t read the display, the beat is great, and then the lyrics come slamming in at full speed before you can think to act. Let’s just say that while the language was not explicit, the innuendo wasn’t lacking, so much so that you might as well have stuck our faces into a preview of “Girls Gone Wild.” I wish I could remember the lyrics, but the gist was that a party was going on in the nether regions and company was wanted. The situation was in sync with my music review “Invisible Words” in February’s issue of 4gaby.com.

My daughter looked over and just changed the station. “Well, that was random,” was all she said as she looked over grinning at me. We talked about the song for a moment or two and I felt good that she really didn’t care about it but was comfortable talking with me about the song. I couldn’t help but remember lowering the volume on my stereo at home when I was sixteen and my parents where close by because the lyrics were less than stellar. The beat goes on, the cycle continues, but at least my daughter talks to me about the music she likes and dislikes…for now.


  1. Hmm, I remember giving a certain friend a Grand Funk Railroad album. Problem was that the long-haired beauties (all male) were naked with strategically placed bales of hay. And I remember someone's Mama covering the album cover. As times change, some things never do. Like a mother wanting to protect her young. Me, I listen to all of it and just trust that they won't understand it yet, the same way I didn't. Might be naive, but at least I get to listen to the music I like that way!

  2. More often than not, we listen to Wee Sing and some Disney for our four-year-old son. When my daughter and I are in the car we make deals on what to play and listen too, but sometimes the radio wins out, and sometimes the DVD player is on and Mama has the headphones on with the iPad...Mama has to rock out at some point...oh, and the Grand Funk album, the fixer used duct tape. Mama always said duct tape was for everything!


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