Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another F Word...

Lately I've been struck by an F word that I never really considered before the F word of fifty. My new F word is a single word mantra that I keep repeating - Freedom! If you read our guest column this month, "The F Word", by Maria Pramaggiore, then you got a glimpse of the realities of being 50 in today's universe. It's not always pretty to watch others dismiss you even more quickly than they will walk away from broccoli. Now all of us have been dismissed by others. But as we age, it seems to take on a new dimension. It is just expected that we aren't up on new music or technology or anything remotely cool. Add in the mix teenagers and now you know that you're stupid, too. But I'm slowly starting to realize that at fifty, maybe I don't care so much anymore. Hey, I'm 50. Like me, don't like me, whatevah. Hey, I'm 50. I don't need the world's validation so much anymore. My momma turns 80 in a few days. She flat doesn't care what you think of her (it's a Southern saying - "flat don't care"). She doesn't like it if you say something bad about her children and grandchildren, but if you say something about her - knock yourself out. She said that as you get older, you realize that the people who care about you show up at your funeral. The others, well, if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything, and walk away. Freedom! What do you think? Are you comfortable with aging? Are you starting to feel relaxed over the whole thing?


  1. I totally embraced turning fifty then got slammed with double knee surgery lol Seriously I don't focus very much on age, I surround myself with people of all ages and take an interest in their lives and they seem to do likewise. I can't say I flat don't care what you think of me but pretty much regardless of what you think I'm not changing ;)

  2. Beverly - like you, I can't say I flat don't care, but I can say that if the way I am works for the ones I love, then what someone else thinks shouldn't matter. And age is helping me along with that whole idea. Maybe by 80, I'll flat don't care :)! I have friends of all ages - it's more an attitude thing, than a chronological thing.


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