Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Hypothesis of the Right Pointer Dude

Every morning I take both boys to school. First one gets dropped off at the Freshman Academy. Then I loop around the elementary school, and take the older son to the main high school. There is a gentleman who stands at the entrance to the car line at the main high school. He stands there and points the way to go. When you drive in, you can either choose to go to the right or to the left. The right leads to a parking area, and the left leads towards the main office, and the cafeteria where most kids get dropped off. Because there are so many cars bringing their teenagers, he points us to head our cars to our right, his left. He basically is standing there, blocking the way from someone turning to the left. Why? Because the cars loop around the parking area forming a line. And sadly, there's always someone who wants to cut in line. I've watched him at times as I've slowly made my way through the line. I've watched him vigorously point to the line as someone tries to inch past him in the hopes of heading to the left, at other times stepping further forward blocking the way, and at times talking to someone explaining why they can't go the easier, quicker way (apparently some things are NOT self evident).

I have to say I find it a little sad, that grownups have to be reminded that they shouldn't cut in line. What? Did you flunk elementary school? I also find it a small microcosm of society. We seem to have become very focused on what we want or need to the exclusion of others, for instance the others who got there earlier and are snaking their way through the line you think you should get to avoid. 

Now I have to admit, I have no overwhelming desire to be a martyr. I don't like to wait in the line anymore than they do. I like to sit down, I like to watch tv, read a book, knit, have a lovely conversation with someone, eat a Krispy Kreme, and then remember my diet... But I seem to have been cursed, err blessed with an overabundance of the "get 'er done" gene. I also seem to have that whole responsibility thing. It's why it's taken me so long to write another blog - responsibilities and priorities. I believe in taking my turn when it is a single line formation (not when you're on a multi-lane road, and everyone is lined up behind a semi - why not pass in that wide open lane - it's sorta what the other lane is for - but that's a whole different blog entry sometime). 

So every day when I pass the right pointer dude, I try to give a little wave. No trouble from me, I'll get in line as I should, wait my turn, tell my kids to get out posthaste, don't dawdle (I need to find a cooler vocabulary). And every week, there's a new adventure - somebody who tries hard to find a way around the rules. I must say a big thank you for the lecture time - because I end up discussing with my kids what SELF-ENTITLEMENT means, and why it isn't their right to try to cut in front of people who have been WAITING THEIR TURN IN SINGLE LINE FORMATION. Maybe it's just me, but I seem to see an awful lot of "gotta have it now", "it's my right" kinda stuff. No where in the CONSTITUTION is it a right to cut in line, text in the left lane while driving, or get the latest iPhone...but thanks for the examples to my kids...let's hope they get it.


  1. We have even had schools that have had to send out carpool line etiquette letters to get people to behave @@

  2. We've seen those letters too...and it's like they are a total waste of resources. They remind the band parents not to park in front of the flagpole area when picking up from band camp, because it cuts a lane off, and yet....every time you turn around there the cars are...some just don't get it. Sigh...


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