Friday, March 11, 2011


By Dawn Tolson

I sit here writing this blog, I have CNN blasting out of the TV. The message is dark. A tsunami is about to hit Hawaii, after the devastating off-shore earthquake that hit Japan last night. This knock-on effect is about to destroy, possibly, so many lives let alone the ones it already has. It seems inappropriate to convey the message that I had planned for today. After all, how deeply shallow it would be to talk about fashion and how it defines you as an individual when there are thousands of people who would now be grateful for any item of clothing to wear, as long as it is clean. They won’t care about how they look; their focus will be on surviving the fierce elements of nature. Life is defining them at this very moment and I am sure that it will be in their memory forever. Their whole livelihood could be gone in seconds, everything they worked for just washed away like bubbles in bath water. It makes my issues seem like drops in an ocean. So for today I would like to propose that all 4Gaby followers say a prayer for these people and find ways to help, no matter how small, when it is needed. After all, in times of disaster we should all stick together – don’t you agree?

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