Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interviews with yourself

In my March essay, “Interview with the Subconscious,” I discussed a recent job interview and what a mess it was. It wasn’t a complete mess, just felt that way. The curious thing, the epiphany that resulted, was what I heard myself answer in response to an interview question. That answer, bubbling up from my subconscious without any filter, was what was most important to me. And once I heard myself say it, I realized I was right. I think we can all provide the best therapy to ourselves without costly intervention. Go on a job interview, think fast, respond honestly, outwit the savvy filter that sugarcoats and spins and blocks the truth. It’s akin to automatic writing, another healthy and helpful writing tool I’ve found. Look up Julia Cameron’s underground cult hit, “The Artist’s Way,” and try to follow her exercises. It will change your life, if you can handle the truth. If not, we’re doomed to living dishonestly while pretending that we’re not. I double-dog dare you.


  1. Sometimes I guess we have to go outside ourselves to see what it is we want to do, or what is really important to us. For me, it was waiting for the results of a lab test...and while I was waiting all the things I wanted to do came flooding to me. So now I write and do the things with my children that I want to do. Yep...sometimes we can surprise ourselves with our answers.

  2. So many times we women become so attuned to what others want and need that it becomes difficult to recognize what we really want and need for ourselves. I know I spend too much time thinking, and considering instead of just acting and reacting - so gotta work on that! It's very thought provoking...


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