Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love Hurts

By Dawn Tolson
Love at times really does hurt. We all experience it in one kind or another. Instantly our minds assume that the most hurt or betrayal comes from your partner in life, but think about it who else has hurt you. High school bullies that terrorize you just at that point in life when your very person is being defined, best friends who desert you, or even family that cut you to the bone.
In my January essay, “I am Strong, Invincible,” I was very honest about a particular hurt that happened to me recently. It was difficult to write, but I did and since then it is as if I am a bird released.
Do you feel you can share your stories with us?
Maybe just writing it down can be the therapy you need to move on!


  1. When trust is betrayed it's a real kicker. I've handled it so many different ways over the years and I've found that acknowledging the hurt and then moving on is what suits me best, esp. after I've ranted, raved and gone on a crying spree. Chocolate helps, but mostly, the friends who remain true are what gets me back to a sane plain in life.

  2. Yep Mary I agree - love the chocolate remedy too but my stomach and thighs think different haha


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