Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do the Beige or the Purples Have It?

I continued my discussion on bucket lists in this month's "It's on the List" column with a spot-check inventory of stuff I’ll never do again and stuff I will do again. Being beige appears to be a surprise theme. How beige are you? Do you embrace blending in, or do you stand out? Was I too hard on the beige among us? Do you think in purple but walk in beige? What kind of cognitive dissonance does that wreak? Not behaving how I feel has its costs. Have you paid a price for being beige or purple?

How about living in a beige neighborhood? Likes, dislikes? I want to hear from the other side, those who appreciate and revel in the hoods with same-color mailboxes. A friend of mine says “It’s easier to do what everyone else is doing.” Agree?

Would you wear a Snuggie to a football game?
Are you up on all the trends?
Are you a Room Mom?
What was on your list? What’s on your “things to try” list?


  1. That line, "Do you think in purple but walk in beige?", really speaks to me. I often have people tell me that I am not what they expected. I present the beige, but I rock purple (and I will wear it - but that's another story). Over the years showing the purple has gotten me in trouble, but I decided a few years ago that I've spent too much time trying to please people who are never pleased...so I say PURPLE!!

  2. I'm a bit of the beige mixed in with rainbow. Enjoy being around people but adore being alone. My silence is blues mixed with storm clouds full of lightening, the chaos and the calm. I've done the Room Mom thing thinking it was what I should to be a good parent and example to my child, only to learn that holding my own childs hand held the most reward. It's all a learning game, without one, I wouldn't discover the other.

  3. Oh, I am a purple and a blue and a yellow and an orange..well you get it :) I am not a beige. I cannot imagine living in a cookie cutter neighborhood, I might not find my way through the right door! I probably would never wear a Snuggie at a football game or otherwise, I can be warm without looking like a monk. I am not trendy but go for what I like. I've never had a French manicure or my eyebrows waxed, threaded or whatever else might be done to them. Room mom, most definitely but that's just part of who I am, I'm a nurturer, I have a village mentality.

  4. There's a saying that the mother of the groom should "wear beige and keep her mouth shut"! Haha! When my son got married, I wore a sparkly purple dress that I fondly refer to as my "hoochie mama" dress, though it wasn't really provocative at all, except for the sparkles. But I did keep my mouth shut...sort of!


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