Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's on your Bucket List?

In my “It’s on the List” column this month, I trashed the ubiquitous bucket, or life, list. Supposedly it’s the list of all the things we want to do before we die, usually quite outrageous things, like find the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow, climb the highest mountain, sail the ocean solo. I took issue with them, preferring my daily reality to pie-in-the-sky stuff. What say you?

Have you read the blogs where people list the things they've already done: "re-learn French, Mandarin," "Climb the Eiffel Tower," "Run the NYC marathon." I especially love these arrogant ones, where the resume becomes the list. You've got to wonder about those people. Let's keep it real.

What’s in your bucket?
Do you think you’ll tick them off?
What’s on your daily bucket list, your real-life one?


  1. I currently have only three things on my bucket list: a) have my children grow up self-sufficient b)-may they learn how to be happy (or, at least content) without chemical substances, and, c)-may they not need too much therapy because of my parenting.
    I'm serious, anything else icing on the cake...although I would like that all expense paid trip around the world with Orlando Bloom in the role of my husband.

  2. Years ago after a particularly stressful day juggling two toddlers and my income producing job, I took a soak in a tub and came up with my resolutions. Over the years, I've found that it's a pretty darn good list to stick with so here it is: I want to hear my child laugh every day. I want to see my husband smile at me. I want to remember that others have it worse than me so shut up. And I'd really like to have some chocolate. Some days I do great with this list and some days I only hit the chocolate. But I like the list...and Hershey's kisses in case anyone is interested.

  3. I have two things on my list:
    1) FINALLY get my WHOLE HOUSE clean and organized.
    2) KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!

  4. I dunno, cleaning & organizing the whole damn house, and then keeping it that way sounds too pie in the sky for me...better ask Santa for that one!Because, seriously, then what would you do?

    Love the comment "I want to see my husband smile at me"...except for me that conjures images of my husband buying something expensive (for himself, like the latest dirt bike) and trying to get away with it...

  5. Mary, I love your bucket list. My kids being happy and self-sufficient is definately at the top. I'm ashamed to say that the rest of my list is more selfish; so much so I won't even go into it here. *sigh*


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