Friday, December 3, 2010

Support your Local Independent Beauty Rep. Now. Or she'll keep calling.

Okay, okay, I know December’s essay “Death by Makeup” was snarky. Possibly even mean-spirited. I have friends who are Indie Beauty Reps, so my intentions were not to skewer them all. My intention was to examine my response to the whole industry and have a laugh about it. I enjoy makeup, have no quarrel with being feminist and wearing makeup. I quarrel with pushy salespeople, and especially those who I feel are just using me to make a dime. I take issue with women who look down their perfect noses at me and my pores. I vote for building each other up, seeing the good and ignoring the bad. We are not meant to be celebrity-like airbrushed facsimiles of human beings.

I want some cosmetics products that say pro-life, pro-aging, pro-wrinkles, pro-feel good, pro-beautiful on the inside, pro-creative, pro-you. I’m sick of the anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-biotic, anti-septic stuff. (Especially now that I’m coming of a certain age.)

Have you had an interesting encounter with Indie Beauty Reps, or while being one?
What about makeup in general—hate it, love it?
Have you hostessed a party, and how did it go?
Are you okay in the skin you’re in?

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  1. I have had a love/hate relationship with makeup since my youth - never sure if I have too much or too little. So I've tended to have too much on when attending a Pentecostal church with my grandma and too little when hitting the, err enjoying a lovely evening out with my friends. Add to that multiple moves where my first entree into female society has tended to be an invitation to a, well I call them "bring your checkbook" parties, and I have been an easy touch. But I say nevermore. Time to get comfortable in my own skin...and learn to say no to pushy salespeople!!


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