Friday, December 17, 2010

The Siren Call of Electronics at the Holidays

So with all the frigidly cold weather, has anyone else been concerned about the possibility that hell really is freezing over? I have definitive proof that it is freezing over and that proof was provided to me by my Momma. If you read the essay I wrote "No More Electronics In This House " than you saw that Momma considers electronics to be a royal pain in the tush. Well yesterday, she asked me to read her the blog. I did and then she made the comment "I guess everybody reads the computer now a days." Being the good Southern girl that I am (sometimes, anyway), I simply replied. "Yes, Ma'am." Now for the proof. Her next words, and I swear on a stack of Christmas cookies (I think there are still some upstairs) that this is true, "Well, you never know, I just might have you go get me a laptop next time you come." WOW! The siren call of just never know who it might hit next. Now I wonder if I can get her on Facebook and if she'll accept my friend request, and hit the Like button on the 4gaby page? She might enjoy some World War II video games. Wonder if she'd like an Ipod? She might be a little too long winded for texting though...
What do you think of electronics? Love them and you're lusting after an Ipad, or you hate them all? Do you think video games allow for a little peace in the house or do you spend too much time making the kids get off the darn things? I'll be honest - I love the things, just love 'em.


  1. Well, you know from my first list column that I'm not a great electronics date. ..but, that being said, I have no problem with Dylan playing wii or PS2...we have fun together doing that...i think they're taking the place of board games. Although i do pull out scrable and make him play iwth me, and he does love to work the crossword puzzle with me. I have no smartphone yet, but probably will succumb. ..too many cool apps out there. The Ibook reader/Nook/Kindle I don't think I'll ever get: I love the feel of a book. I edited a story the other night: Ipads for toddlers. People are actually buying them for toddlers. Of course our guy is getting a used laptop for Xmas, so, what the hay? Love that your Mama wants to read this stuff, and I encourage her to start her own blog. Just finished Sh*t my Father Says, and man, she could be a hit.

  2. My wife has an iPhone and several game applications on it for our three year-old. Lately, he has been wanting to play them all the time. Yikes!

  3. See I can totally see letting a little one have at it (with supervision of course), because now the skills learned (keyboards, touch screens, etc.) are like our old typing classes. And of course there's the whole blessing of a few free minutes :). And I admit I gave in on a Kindle. Our sons are in constant need of another book for English classes, and if you've ever had to hunt for a Virginia Woolf (c'mon, the kid's in freakin' 8th grade. Can't they do Mark Twain or somebody you can actually find?), then suddenly you realize how dang convenient some of these electronics have become. So my brother is planning on looking at our parents wifi signal to make sure we can set up a laptop at one end of the house. I think it could become a whole new column - The Adventures of an 80 yo on the Internet.


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