Monday, July 8, 2013

A Moment

So how was last week for you? Mine was interesting. I chose interesting as a descriptor over obvious other choices such as heartbreaking, emotionally draining or bittersweet. On Monday, my Daddy looked at me, and said, "I can't remember your name." That was a harsh moment in life. Not only am I his only daughter, I am named after his Mommy. 

I ended the week by visiting my father-in-law in the hospital. He is also not doing well, and seeing my husband, and our sons reach a hard realization - also not a pleasant moment.

So why did I chose the word interesting? Because even with the sadness which enveloped my week, there were moments, lovely moments. Holding hands with my husband, knowing it's a strong relationship after twenty-two years. Watching our sons show kindness to their grandfather, and their Daddy (they were not with me on my trip, but I know the same consideration would have been there.) At one point, one of our sons, explained to me that they would not complain over any time spent there (no small task for teenagers) as they knew what the deal was. We laughed over the fireworks which couldn't be seen for the clouds, and made jokes over the constant rain - those boys are pretty quick witted, sometimes at their parents expense - and we listened to music. 

The weekend before, I attended the wedding of a dear girl. I've known her since she was born, and I always knew she would be a beautiful bride. It was a wonderful time, but one moment stood out, a moment before the bride came down the aisle. The groom walked down the aisle with the most wonderful, confident smile. It instantly took me back to my own wedding. My husband had a saying regarding us - "No worries". It was his way of saying that he was sure we were right together. The groom conveyed that "No worries" look, and it was wonderful to see. 

The happy moments, they get us through the sad ones. Because happiness comes from love just as grief is an expression of love. The sad helps us see the beauty of the happy moments. It's a wonderful life.

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  1. Even in the sadness and the grief and the tears there is laughter and love and always, always glorious memories to help us through. {{hugs}}


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