Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Root Juice, Oh My

The last couple of blogs have been serious in nature so I'd really like to turn away from serious topics and just rife on some amusing stuff I see.

Facebook - oh, how thee has changed - So ever since Facebook became serious about making money (cue the theme from the movie, "Wall Street"), there have been somewhat amusing (mostly irritating - but not earth shattering, so I go with amusing) changes. I so appreciate the birthday reminders - really, I do. Not so appreciative of the constant begging for gifts. Really, Mr. Zuckerberg, when you have kids, you will realize the irritation in always being around a request for a handout. (I wonder how the 84 year old lottery winner in Florida is coping...). If I'm close enough to buy you a gift, there's a good shot that it's already been done, or I don't buy you one, because we don't exchange gifts. See Sheldon Cooper is right - there's a whole etiquette thing to gift giving. I mean I hate admitting to agreeing with a man with the last name of Cooper, but let's not upset the balance by buying a Starbucks gift card for somebody...unless it's for me...

Anybody with too many K's in their name - ok, not really anybody, just those genetically blessed, turning it into a multimillion dollar empire, Kardashians. I guess it's a talent to make money off of people for doing nothing, though I did think you needed to be in politics for that. I'm a little tired of hearing and seeing that pregnancy, thank you very much.

Back to Facebook, and the ads - once again, as a woman who would love a real job, I understand the need and desire to earn an income. But just as I don't grab everything thrown my way, do you really take money from anyone who offers it, without any investigation? I ask because my Facebook now is filled with the most wonderful ideas for how to lose the weight equivalent to a nine year old child in the time span of the life of a fly. Apparently Facebook also views me as very, very old since the ads not revolving around my weight, revolve around my wrinkles. Who is this miracle worker, Dr. Oz? He seems to know how to solve all my problems with some root juice stuff. (I jest, I know who he is, and I suspect he hasn't lent his name to all this stuff I keep seeing.) All these ads need is a foreign prince in need of my bank account to hide some perfectly legal money, and I'd think they were all a bunch of scams...but surely not...

So it's a quick one - and as I said, not a single earth shattering thing - just sorta funny...now, please excuse me, I hear some root juice calling my name...

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