Friday, August 12, 2011

Sometimes Momma’s Gotta Do, What Momma’s Gotta Do.

Budgets, don’t you hate them? Those pesky little things get in the way of all the things we want, and in these trying times, sometimes the very things we need to stay afloat. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I work within a budget every single month. I don’t go over simply because I know that if I do, I put my family at risk.  That’s why the situation with Congress and the House butting heads over the debt ceiling in the last several weeks has me shaking with disgust. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it, and I thank heavens I don’t.  It’s really simple math, after all.

Think of it this way, the Federal Government’s budget is sort of run like this: You are a household earning $58,000.00 a year and you spend $75,000.00 and have around $327,000.00 in credit card debt.  It’s time to pony up and instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business, you’re too busy arguing which one is smarter, has the better plan and who got the household into this mess in the first place while the deadline to do something is only days away. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Then, when you find your credit rating is downgraded, you cry foul and start pointing fingers. Oh please, grow up already.

Imagine how tickled I was when I saw that a lady had pulled money from her own budget  to purchase a banner to fly behind an airplane on Wednesday saying: “Thanks for the downgrade. You should all be fired.” Lucy Nobbe, a vice president at a private equities and investment firm, took the bull by the horns and waved her own flag. Because of the no fly zone over Washington, DC, she had the plane fly over Wall Street. When asked why she did it she said, “I’m just a mother from St. Louis who feels the only reason we got downgraded was people in politics.” Yep, there ya go. Mrs. Nobbe works in investments, but she said she was a Mom. Makes sense to me. Most of the moms I know can budget within the penny and can make the money go a long way, primarily because our children’s needs come first. Too bad the Congress and House don’t seem to realize that they were elected to put their country’s needs first.

I don’t care if they’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Librarian, or Tab versus Fresca. Come down off of the “my way or no way” horse and start working together. The way they go on I wouldn’t trust them with my own household budget.  Besides, you know the old saying...“If Momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy.”


  1. You are so right...and Momma ain't happy! We teach our children to share and that sometimes some of us do without if it's not in the budget. Wow - what concepts, huh?

  2. Well said. This reminded me of an old joke: "I can't be overdrawn; I still have checks!"

  3. Evelyn, how right you are and John, I knew a few who actually did that!
    Seriously, I wonder if I'll ever live to see a government that works together.


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