Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blessings in the Debris

Ever had one of those days? I know, you know what I mean - the one where every time you turn around something breaks or something goes wrong? Since last Thursday I've had "one of those days" every single day. I've had internet connectivity issues which have resulted in numerous calls between me and the friendly automated system which suggests that most connection problems can be resolved by looking at their ONLINE help (with me often replying back to it in a most sarcastic manner), the dryer died in the midst of two loads of clothes, the parents had some messed up medical bills (calling a doctors billing office is almost as much fun as calling your internet service provider though at least they are usually in the United States as they imply you are stupid), every day has been a new adventure accompanied by the rolling eyes of teenagers. It's been fun.

And yet, how incredibly lucky I am - I still have both my parents and Momma could outrun me. I spent Saturday with several friends, and got my picture taken with a hot Pirate. The internet is a blessing when it comes to handling things for my parents, and I will have it all resolved before much longer (I only have two remaining issues, and those items belong to the teens. And I may need to leave them unconnected for a while longer since they aren't acting like I'm dumber than dirt as long as they know I'm their only hope. Just call me Obi Wan.) A friend pointed me in the direction of a reliable repairman and he's already come out to work on my dryer, and really aren't those and the microwave such wonderful inventions?

Now, honestly, I'm not always the best at counting my blessings the way I should. I love a good whine just as much as the next woman. But I read the book, "Unbroken" recently and it reminded me of the incredible sacrifices so many make for so many of us. I took our older son today to register for high school. I'm still not sure how that happened so fast, but it's here and he will be giving Air Force Jr. ROTC a try. Yep, I'm a little proud of that even if he decides it's not for him. It's more important to me that he not dismiss others and that he understand respect, duty, and honor. In the midst of all the debris from a too blessed life, I was at my parents for a couple of days. Daddy's slide downwards continues as was evidenced by his question to me, "What time is kickoff?" If I'm in town than we must be going to an ECU football game ready to cheer. He focuses on his time in Korea during the Korean War probably because it was a defining time for him where he showed the character to stand and do. I wrote Duty, Honor, Country because each day I hope and pray that I am teaching my teens through their rolling eyes and disdain to have respect, courage, and do their duty. And aren't we all so very blessed that we can?


  1. What a wonderful post. Thank you for reminding us to be thankful.

  2. Thank you - I enjoy your every post, and your writing. You're another one of those wonderful blessings and connections.


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