Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, You're A Firework...Please Not....

Once upon a time, July 4th was one of my most favoritest holidays of the year. I'm a summer baby, it comes exactly one week before my birthday, there are no pesky presents to buy, great food, and who doesn't love fireworks... um, that would be ME! Oh, I used to adore fireworks, but that would be before I moved to a state with slack fireworks laws.

Here's what has happened since last Thursday:
"Quick, bring the dog in. They've started shooting off the fireworks. Wait, where's the cat? Move the food so he doesn't eat all the hot dogs again. We currently have 12 buns and three hot dogs left from the dogs last trip inside. Have you tried turning up your music to sleep? Yes, I know you have to work tomorrow. I am not in charge of the universe despite appearances to the contrary."

Every year we get to listen to people shooting off fireworks on all sides of us. Now it would be one thing if we had purchased a home next to the fairgrounds. But we live in a neighborhood. And it's not just July 4th that gets the action. Memorial Day (yes, because the loss of soldiers should be commemorated by fireworks), Labor Day (celebrating the use of your hard earned money), Christmas (frankincense, myrrh, and fireworks), New Years (thank goodness you lived to see a new one with all your limbs intact) and various dates which I can only assume coincide with birthdays, good report cards, the squirrels leaving your plants alone...

I realize I sound like a party pooper, but for those of us who simply don't have the overwhelming desire to hear them at 1 AM, is it really so much to ask that one weekend night be assigned to the task (sorta thinking like Halloween - a designated date/time)? Surely there's a better way! Thoughts? Am I completely off track and out of step?


  1. Ah but I would love nothing more than to hear some fireworks around here! I'll trade bedrooms on the holidays with you! x

  2. You're on! I think I need a vacation from them so I can appreciate them again.


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