Monday, July 2, 2012

Rules for Living - Sounds Pompous, Huh?

So I always see all these lists on how to live. And they're usually thought provoking and almost always by someone who is rich, and famous, and rich...
So I thought I would write a list myself, since my birthday is coming up, and I'm, umm, not rich or famous...or rich. For that matter, I don't even earn enough income to support myself on a commune. But I have one qualification which might trump rich and famous - I'm happy - usually.
So here's my list on how to live life:

1 - Learn to say no and mean it. Not maybe, not I'll check and see...just say no. And don't give explanations - that just opens up that whole justification thing, and the look on your face when they tell you that you CAN do something will cause wrinkles. (This one is by far the hardest one for me!)
2 - Always carry band-aids. Even when your children are too old to skin their knees, someone else's child isn't.
3 - The Golden Rule is golden for a reason - stick with gold. It's a good investment in your life.
4 - Just because someone is mean to you, no need to try to one-up them. See Rule Number 3, and KARMA, baby.
5 - Forgiveness doesn't mean being a victim. You can forgive someone and not hang around for them to do it to you again. Forgive...then get the heck outta there if they don't know how to change their ways.
6 - If at first you don't succeed, Google it. It's amazing how many repairs and knitting patterns you can find, and other stuff, too.
7 - If you dress as if you are going to Wal Mart, you WILL run into your biggest enemy. Dress decently every day or else suffer the embarrassment.
8 - Find some way to laugh every day. If nothing else, use Facebook and Pinterest as a comedy tool - trust me, you'll laugh. Some statuses are meant to be funny, and some just are funny.

That's it. See no boring rules about health and all that stuff - I'm not your mother. And at this point you might be grateful. Any rules you want to add?

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