Monday, June 4, 2012

London Bridge Is NOT Falling Down

I have an obsession. Well, not a full blown one. It's not like I bought one of Diana's dresses or have a room dedicated to memorabilia, and I've only been to London once, and that was ages ago. But I do adore me a royal... And the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is right up my alley. The clothes, the pomp, the pompous, all of it. Of course I have my favorites - the Queen, Prince William or as my Momma likes to say - that good lookin' youngun, and Kate, err, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. With apologies to my blonde friends, it's a relief to see someone gorgeous and truly brunette. Though at times I do wish she would eat some cake.

I enjoy watching their lifestyle from afar. It's a guilty pleasure, and one that I know I am not alone in. It's hard not to spend a moment imagining the wonder of such a life - never cleaning, nor cooking, no car lines at school or waiting at the doctor's lines anywhere unless you WANT to be in one...the idea of which mystifies and amazes me. Never a worry about money, and losing your job no longer means losing your head. In fact part of your duty is to have sex with your spouse so you can produce an heir....not much else to say there, huh? It just doesn't seem like a hard life.

But for as much as I enjoy being a royal voyeur, I have realized a life lesson along the way that tempers my enjoyment. No one is immune to life. Sadness, grief, divorce has its way with all of us. We see the highlight reel of others lives and equate it to the underbelly of our own, and it's not a fair comparison. I'll watch and read about the lifestyles of the royal and famous. I'll remember the thrill of walking on London Bridge, seeing the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and so many incredible historical sites. But in the end my life is mine - the good and the bad. Though I could do without a line or two, at least on my face.

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