Thursday, March 22, 2012

Julianna, We Need To Talk

We’re in the middle of supper; both children are talking at the same time while trying to gain our attention. We’ve all put in a long day, we’re all tired and that's when I notice the frown on my hubby's face. Being a good wife (Okay, so I’m not Julianna Margulies, or a lawyer, or a brunette, besides, TV keeps raising the fictional bar on what a good wife is.), I shush the children and ask my husband if everything is okay. He proceeds to tell me he’s worried, because he lost the envelope with….wait for it….his coupons.

A month or so back I wrote “Toilet Paper is Just Like Fine China, Right?” explaining how the hubby has started on a coupon clipping bonanza that might not always meet with this wife’s approval. Julianna Margulies has nothing on me when it comes to the cross examination on coupons. “Is it something we use? Is it buy two for fifty cents off, and can you double the coupon? Are you sure it’s a better bargain than the store brand? Do we need it or do you want it because we have a coupon?” I swear I would have dropped my fork at the dinner table when he told me he was worried, but we were eating sandwiches and that would have been too messy.

I honestly think the kids looked at him a little cock-eyed, especially when he said he was calling his mother to see if she had the paper and could cut out the coupons for him! It’s almost like he left me for another woman, kinda like what happened to poor Julianna’s character. Still, ya gotta love a man who is willing to go to those depths to save the family a dollar, but I live in fear. What will I find in the pantry tomorrow? He doesn’t seem to come home with just “one” item, it’s always multiples of one item and I may run out of storage space. He did promise me he would stick to certain brands, which is progress since our toilet paper fiasco.

I used to wonder what to get the man who seemed to have everything except the big, HUGE, ticket items, like a boat or a 98 inch flat screen TV. (How do people watch those things without having serious eye damage?) He has a big birthday coming up and I figure with all the big bucks he’ll be saving, I should get him more than an envelope to put his coupons in. I can see it now, a manly leather three ring binder with dividers and protective plastic sheets! Yes, I am a good wife.


  1. The day my hubby starts clipping coupons, we'll know there are some serious neurological issues, though he never hesitates to use any I pull out of my pocketbook. Can't wait to see the Man Coupon they make them with a sports team help that whole manly thing??

  2. I don't know about neurological issues, but you could have knocked me out with a feather when my husband told me he watched a webinar (is that how you say it?) on coupon savings! I'll look for a coupon bag/book/manly case with a sports emblem, think I can find a coupon for that?!

  3. I have a bright pink and black coupon binder... it has a strap because well that sucker can get heavy! I use baseball card sheets and subject dividers to organize them.... my husband, the father of 3 girls and 1 boy has long since been hardened to the concept of carrying around something so luridly pink. He wears it proudly into the local Teeter (triples this week!!)

  4. Hello, my name is Mike and I am a coupon-a-teer. See, I told you it was 3x at HT! :-)


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