Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HIC Awards - Sell Me Something in a Good Way

Honestly, I had already planned this blog. See lately, I've noticed a disturbing trend in commercials. Some of them are highly irritating. Think of fingernails on a chalkboard and you get where I'm coming from. Then I realized that my timing is impeccable (highly unusual - but that's another story, and it involved childbirth). After all to many people the Super Bowl is all about the commercials with a little football sprinkled in. Now, I adore my DVR, but because we watch so much sports around this house, we spend a lot of time with live television and hitting the button on the remote while we realize we can't fast forward live TV. 

So I've come up with an award that I've titled the HIC award. HIC stands for Highly Irritating Commercial though I also think it sorta stands for 'somebody in your marketing department had a hiccup for thinking this commercial was a good idea' - shorter version - 'what were you drinking'!!

So with that introduction, here are my nominees:

JC Penney - Screaming - why yes, I love the idea of shopping being promoted to me by a bunch of screaming banshees. Especially since I spent years of my life raising kids, and at least I love those screamers. Soooo, you people miss the part about so many women use shopping to RELAX???? PS - the dropping coupons idea - interesting, JUST DON'T SCREAM AT ME. Inside voices, only, please.

Volkswagen - The barking dogs barking out Star Wars. I'm a big fan of dogs, I can't tell you the last time I had a household that didn't have at least one rescued dog in it. But, I'm not a big fan of barking dogs except when they bark at real danger or somebody trying to sell me something. That commercial gave me a headache worse than some American Idol auditions. The Super Bowl one with the Star Wars bar scene - MUCH BETTER!

Lexus - Y'all really need to step it up. Your commercials are sucky to be specific. The one from the Super Bowl advertising your 2013 GS, umm, it's February of 2012. Let's not wish our life away. How about letting us pay for Christmas of 2011 before you start pushing a 2013 car? You were already in my hall of disgust since I'm awfully tired of seeing beautiful, skinny people get nice shiny cars with humongous red bows for Christmas presents. Some of us just get underwear, slippers, and chocolates. And we're happy for that - sorta.

A quick mention of ones I've liked - M&M's - Brown Shell Candy - if you haven't seen it, find it on YouTube. Doritos had two - The Baby Slinging Grandma, and my personal favorite - The Dog Bribing the Man over Burying the Cat. Loved them. I remember the product, because I enjoyed the commercial - oh, alright, M&M's had me at hello, but still...good commercials. I wasn't trying to fast forward live TV, and isn't that what marketers WANT?

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