Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random, Random, Random

So I got up at 5:00 this morning to write my blog. All excited, I already knew what I was gonna write about (which does not always happen). What is that saying about "best laid plans"? Yep, the one by Robert Burns about going astray. First, I couldn't remember the password to the blog. Not unusual, I mean there's only 50 million passwords anymore, but sadly apparently my cheat sheet was wrong, too. Then I couldn't get the email to show up allowing me back in (and yes, I kept checking my spam filter.) The day was going downhill fast and normally it's sorta nice if the sun rises first before that happens. To add insult to injury it's not like I could turn into the sound and fury when nobody else was awake yet except the cat. So finally I finesse my way in (oh, ok, I hit a back button and the sonofa...err, pc filled in a correct password which incidentally, I STILL don't know what it really is), and I start writing.

That's when I realize that I have an essay and not a blog on my hands. The good is that I needed something for November's issue of 4gaby.com. The bad is - now I need a topic for the freakin' blog.

So with that said - here's a blog on nothing but random observations that I hope will make you smile or laugh. Please feel free to add to the list!

Colin Firth - yummmm

Mocha coffees - almost as yummy as Colin, more necessary and available in the morning.

Sense of humor - completely necessary when dealing with technology, conference realignment or car pool.

Conference realignment - led by men, and they say women are indecisive???

Politicians - the ultimate comedians.

Teenagers - so much smarter than me, I'll never be able to catch up.

Fall - beautiful until you realize how many deciduous trees are in your yard.

Grounding a teenager - necessary when those trees start losing their leaves. Somebody's gotta clean 'em up, and you can always find something a teenager shouldn't have done.

Twitter - full of twits and some really funny people. But I don't follow you back if you tweet in a foreign language. I can barely translate my teens.

Pink Floyd - new only to my teens.

Reality TV - what?? Don't y'all have your own families to look at? If not, then just go to Wal Mart - multitasking, ya know.

Mother's Little Helper - now I understand.

Y'all got anymore??


  1. Schedules - they're always changing when you have kids, so why do they call them schedules?

    The phrase "it's just one more thing for you to do." - can incite riot on the day and topple it when it is added to all the other "one more things" that you have to do.

    Colin Firth - I know, already mentioned, but deserves a DOUBLE YUM!

  2. Ah, the infamous "one more thing" - definitely explains that whole straw and the camel's back.

    And really - schedules?? With kids the term oughta be suggestions.

    Colin - sigh....


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